Cosmetic Packaging

Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is the new emerging trend for the industry. Many brands are committing and pledging for a completely recyclable and eco-friendly cosmetics packaging solution.

Recyclable Cosmetics Packaging:  

There is a major interest in green and recyclable packaging among innovators and manufacturers. Green packaging solution will be effecting the decision of consumers. Big brands in cosmetic industry are making it possible for a completely sustainable packaging. Recently P&G announced that Head & Shoulders shampoo brand will produce the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle made from up to 25% recycled beach plastic. Unilever will be applying its new technology of recycling of plastic sachet waste. This will help to reduce ocean plastic waste, landfills and litters. It is also committing by 2025, all its cosmetic packaging will be recycled and reused.

Sustainable Packaging Solution:

Refillable cosmetic packaging could be one solution for sustainable packaging. Increasing container efficiency to release maximum cosmetic from the packaging could be considered. Simple packaging with less complicated accessories and easy to renew or recycle can help in long run. Reducing packaging weight can help in reduced shipping weight.

A modern consumer is aware of many benefits of organic green cosmetics, not tested on animal. Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is taking one step further because we want to use a sustainable cosmetic in a eco-friendly packaging.

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