Dangers of “Preservative free Cosmetic”

Preservatives play important role in making sure that the cosmetics are free from harmful microorganisms. The formulators of cosmetic make sure that cosmetic products are developed to be placed in contact with human skin as safe as possible.

Why cosmetics get contaminated with microorganisms

There are several ways in which cosmetic get contaminated with bacteria and fungus. It is important to understand how microorganism get into cosmetics and become harmful to consumers. For example, every day we apply lipstick on our lips. The tube of lipstick comes in contact with the saliva in our mouth. Mascara brush applied to eye lashes, comes in contact with mucous membrane in our eyes. There are many potential ways cosmetics get contaminated as

  1. products used after expiry date
  2. stored in warm and humid conditions
  3. poor preservative system
  4. dipping fingers in cosmetics or in contact with saliva or mucous membrane

At present, governing body like FDA, EU Regulations, NICNAS, ASEAN etc. which regulates the limit of preservatives in cosmetics. This ensure the safe level of preservatives to human skin.

Let’s not follow the trend of buying everything “free-from” cosmetics! We are getting obsessed with the idea of “free from parabens”, “free from alcohol”, “free from PEG”, “free from formaldehyde”, “free from preservatives” etc. Let’s believe in safe cosmetics which has a decent to long shelf life with the help of effective preservative system.